Sexy Selfies that cost the Model their job

fired for nudes

Taking sexy selfies is something most of us have all done. With sexting, and online dating chances are you have taken and sent or uploaded at least one sexy scandalous photo of yourself. Unfortunately for the following people those steamy selfies cost them their jobs.


nude police officer

When Nidia Garcia took a sexy topless selfie in uniform with her weapon she had no idea she would have to quit her police job to avoid getting fired. She has also lost her job since the photo has gone viral. But don’t worry she’s found a new job and is happily working as a stripper.

Getting Axed

Clare Deloughrey

Single mother, Volunteer fire fighter and safety advisor, and gothic and fetish model Clare Deloughrey’s bosses showed up at her house to fire her and seize her badge and uniform, all because of a photo shoot done for a professional photographer. She had posed for a series of racy photographs in which she comes home from her job in uniform with black soot on her face. Clare then strip teases for the camera before showering. Then she modeled in sexy lingerie. She was not fired because of the topless photos themselves but because the fire departments brand had been visible in the revealing photos.


Justin J. Speekz

A man going by Justin J. Speekz got chopped from his restaurant job after taking off his clothes and posing for a few pictures around the kitchen, including the food prep area. His decision for the location of his photo-shoot went from bad to worse when he tagged his boss in the photos when he uploaded them.

Sent to the Principals Office

Olivia Sprauer’

Who hasn’t wondered about their hot teacher’s life outside of the classroom? Well English teacher vs students were introduced to her sexy lingerie model alter ego Victoria Valentine James after she was called into the principal’s office to confirm if the photos discovered where indeed her. Once she confirmed they where she was immediately asked to resign. The community of West Palm Beach, Florida rallied around the young teacher flooding her Facebook page with words of support and encouragement.

When you’re taking selfies remember that the web is forever! Try sexting them instead. If you want to be even safer check out our blog on sexting the perfect selfie.

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  1. Wow!! Sexy pictures can be really costly. From now on I am going to make it a practice to be sexy and cautious. And I think for this up coming Halloween I am going to be a sexy officer with a huge night stick. I have to admit the article is a wake up call about selfies and it does give me a couple of ideas for some future naughty behavior I may want to explore.

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