Sexting the Perfect Sexy Selfie

Whether you are indulging in a little phone sex, or enjoying some all-out sexting, a sexy selflie sent at the right time can enhance any phone sex session. If you are wanting to add a little visual aid to your long distance phone sessions we have a few guidelines for you to keep in mind before you hit send.

Keep it below the belt…or neck.

This one should be pretty obvious. No matter how much you love and trust your current partner there is always the potential for things to go wrong. A friend picks up his phone, or your pocket decides to share to facebook. Avoid the awkwardness of having your goodies blasted and just keep your face out of pictures of the girls. This goes for any identifying marks on your body as well. If you have a pretty unique tattoo it will be a little harder to deny the evidence if it’s visible.

Slip into something a bit more comfortable

Jumping back and forth from text or talk to a different app may be annoying. However were pretty positive moments like this are exactly what the creators of snapchat had in mind. Tease him with a 3 to five second glimpse of exactly what he’s missing. It’s a perfect way to tantalizingly tease him, and those brief sneak peeks will absolutely leave him wanting more.

Be careful where you put your fingers

Things may get slippery, so be sure to triple check who you are sending it to. Especially if your special someone has a name that puts them right next to someone who you would dread a slip up going to. For example Dan and Dad, or if your boss happens to have the same name as your significant other.  So make sure that while you’re all hot and bothered you don’t slip and hit send to the wrong person.

If you follow these 3 basic rules and you’ll be sexting selfies with confidence in no time! Do you add pictures to your sext conversations or do you prefer to let their imaginations do all the work? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “Sexting the Perfect Sexy Selfie”

  1. A little show and tell is always good and can be such a big turn on. I myself prefer on occasions to leave things to the imagination and just stick to being creative with my words to express my feelings as well as what I am wearing.

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