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Most callers call me for Fantasy/Role Play & Advice

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Mind-blowing, Imaginative, Enlightening & Memorable

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Experienced, Kinky, Intelligent & Easy to talk to

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Fantasy role play

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Not so pious pussy! Minister's XXX Wife: kinky, cuckold and/or religious fetish. Preacher's wife wet & waiting for

Feeling guilty? Need to confess? Like to role-play? Tell me, the XXX minister's wife. Bad girl with a Bible and a very wet hole...a not so pious pussy. Prim and proper, religious women seem. But look underneath, and wet we'll be! My name is Ruth. I came from a conservative religious background where sex was "EVIL" in almost every case. My husband is a minister. He has a low sexual appetite, and is always completely vanilla. So I had to cuckold him. He soon realized what I was, and submits to being not good enough for me. I consider myself bi, because I like pussy almost as much as cock. I love to fantasize or role play into scenarios involving pious souls not being all that pious. Let me tell you more about my adventures... I also enjoy helping a guy with a quick call if that is what he wants. I just enjoy doing calls, and most guys find me very comfortable to talk with. (Must be from all that practice as a minister's wife!) Plus, I just plain love a good cock. Let's have some fun with some cuckold and/or religious fetish. Let your mind wonder, as I have no taboos and a wonderful imagination. I'm the minister's wife

Anything goes, Infidelity, Religion, Role Play, Sex & spirituality

Housewife, Kinky, Librarian, Neighbor, Professional

Cuckolds, Face Sitting/Smothering, Kink, Orgasm Denial/Control, Spanking

Most Recent Posts by Wife of a Minister Seeking Satisfaction

1y 7m
I love making my preacher husband eat out everything left by other men from my not so pious pussy

2y 8m
I'm more dangerous than Eve. Be careful, I'll make you eat from the apple.

3y 4m
Church service was held outside today. I kept standing in the breeze to make sure the wind would lift my skirt high...

3y 5m
Thanks to me, our church has husbands who WANT to cum (err come) to church every week!

3y 7m
Church tomorrow. Sermon is on how the Bible needs to be followed more. I agree, at least on the dirty parts of the Bible ;-)

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