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93% calls answered.66% msgs answered. Favorited By 61 Callers

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Most callers call me for Girlfriend Experience, Fantasy/Role Play, Instruction & Someone to talk to

A call with me is more frequently described as ...

Accommodating, Friendly, Game-changing & Nurturing

Callers often describe me as ...

Caring, Experienced & Bubbly

My most mentioned special talents are ...

Character role play

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Your Ultimate All Role Playing Beauty

No Call Will Be Turned Down! No Matter How Grotesque You Think Your Fetish Is! Been looking for pure pleasure? You found it here. I am your every sexual need, your every desire, your all role playing beauty in one perfect package. I have a corrupt mind and a voice that will intoxicate you. I am a NO Limit NO Taboo, cum loving phone beauty. My devious mind will bring you to the edge and then draw you back slowly, crying out for more. Your cock will be throbbing and your body will ache for the pleasure only I can give you. You will soon find that you need to hear my voice. I will be that addiction that you just cant shake You can always free feel to come chat or text with me to unleash your mind and load. I am Always Accommodating :: Always Friendly I have No Limits and No Taboos! No Call Will Be Turned Down!!! (No Matter How Grotesque You Think Your Fetish Is!) ALL CALLS ARE WELCOME!!! Warning. Extremely Addictive .... I am your new obsession! Insatiable Twisted Forbidden Sin, your Sensuous, "Spoiled Bitch Personified" Dark, Mysterious Seduction and Your Ultimate All Role Playing Beauty with a mind of corruption and a voice of Pure Intoxication. "twisted, sensuous, sexual switch" I am the one who understands your depraved thoughts that steal your sleep and make you body ache. I am drawn to your resistance to conform to what is social acceptable. I need the thrill of complete control. I will never say no, I will never tell you to stop, I will never stop Been looking for pure pleasure? You found it here. I am your every sexual need, your every desire, you're all role playing beauty in one perfect package. For some reason I always feel like these bio spaces are too short to really contain who a person is but all of the main points have been covered. Anything else that you want to know can easily be found out by asking. I love meeting and talking to new people, especially the ones who can keep up with me in terms of kinkiness and intellectual stimulation.

1-on-1 chat, All Topics, Masturbation, Relationship Advice, Role Play

Babysitter, Kinky, School girl, Spoiled Rich Girl, Teen (over 18)

Body Worship, Fetish, Financial Domination, Kink, Orgasm Denial/Control

Most Recent Posts by Warning. Extremely Addictive

4m 4d
My pussy is still wet and aching for more. One of my favorite phone lovers made me cum so good! I love the way he takes charge a

4m 14d
Hi Sexy Caller~~~I am in Florida for vacation..Will be back on Monday..hope to play with you soon! xoxo Bella

9m 10d
To New Beginnings~~~~

9m 10d
Will be logging back on tomorrow~~~Been on vacation and ready to cum back..

11m 27d
Don't be afraid to tell me exactly what you want - I DO IT ALL! Mild to Wild - Vanilla to Extreme.

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