I'm Tangie.
I'm an extremely dirty MILF that loves the more demented and twisted things in life and I'm the girl you come to when no limits and no taboos just aren't enough.

You want to go deeper. Your thoughts, actions and fantasies reside in a more twisted and perverted realm. A place where most know nothing about .... but I do and that is what makes us a perfect fit.

Some awesome things we can do together are:

Extreme accomplice play:
Oh how innocent and trusting they can be .... by the time we're done with all the demented things we will do to them, they will never be the same!

Extreme age play:
Oh come now! Maybe a little younger! Fresh, brand new and un-touched. Tiny, tight and innocent. Oh how sweet they are!

Fun Time:
So many secrets, so many skeletons in our closet. What goes on behind our doors, would make most people cringe!

Sure I can just fuck other men. Let's put a twist on it! Maybe the person I cuckold you with is your wife or someone else that's close to you. Maybe I'm the naughty Mommy that makes you watch as your friends gang bang me. There are so many twisted scenarios to be played!

Little dick? Fat and ugly? Do you like to clean dirty assholes? Just a fucking loser in general? I will put it all on display for humiliation!

Young sissies, old sissies, sissies in training, slutty sissies, let me help you be the best sissy that you can be! Cock sucking, cum eating, stretching your man pussy are just of few of the pleasures I can provide to you!

These are just a few along with many other extreme taboo I like to do. All Fetishes, Fantasies and Role Play are on the table! There are no limits to what we can come up with together!