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Will you make a good whore?

I enjoy feminizing and pimpin out sissies. Let me be your pimp. You can be a whore and I can be your pimp to give you the guidance you need. Let's talk all about it. The game is to be sold not told, for free!

Adult Videos, Dom/Sub, Mistress, Outdoors, Stocking/Hoseiry

Cougar, Executive, Femdom, MILF, Professional

Discipline, Femdom, Financial Domination, Tickling, Watersports

Most Recent Posts by Sissy pimpin at its finest

9m 24d
I've got a new assignment for you hoe. Call or text me to find out what it is!

1y 1m
Callin all you sissy bitches and whores. Its time for some grooming

3y 11m
Its time for you sissies to stop playin and learn the game...

4y 1m
Im in the mood....

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