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Sadistic cheerleading Aryan Financial Princess Barbie

Attention: Do not message me unless you are willing to pay 1.50 per message and call me afterwards. Hello Stupid Sissies and cum drinking bitches!!, My name is Dagmar but everyone calls me Prussian Kitten. Your blue haired cheerleading Aryan Princess Barbie who enjoys financial domination, extreme raceplay, and other taboo things. I am a 26 year old German-born, Californian raised, pure blooded Aryan Princess barbie into weird and kinky stuff. My heritage is German-Russian-Italian-Spanish-Hungarian-Romanian.I'd attended the University of San Diego and I was a cheerleader. I received a BA in Art History and minor in Medieval and Renaissance studies. Currently, I work part time as a Antiques Dealer and professional switch. Here is a list of my fetishes: Feeder Sneezing/Black booty Doll Fetish Stepford Wife fetish Taboo Domination Extreme Raceplay Roleplay Vampire Findom Gay Bashing Cheerleading High-end financial domination Lesbian domination Satin Lace Barbie Doll bondage,Clowns and Bukkake. Timophilia

Anything goes, BDSM, Interracial Sex, Panties, Sugar Baby

College Girl, Goth/Punk, Kinky, Party Girl, Spoiled Rich Girl

Financial Domination, Gagging, Humiliation, Submissive, Watersports

Most Recent Posts by Prussian Kitten

Attention: I will be doing double shifts starting December 23rd from 12pm to 12am. Let's have an Aryan Xmas, dirty faggots!

1m 24d
If you do message me without tipping me nor call me. I will fucking block you. Learn your fucking places, scum! True Aryan woman

1m 25d
For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.

1m 30d
But this privilege will be given only to those of you who pass the selection.

1m 30d
Past and future no longer exist for you! Only I shall exist for you!!!

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