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Princess Addiction

Profile#994728 Slender Female with C cups 12 Superior Princess Mind Control Jerk Off

I'm just the kind of online Princess you've been looking for. Are you tired of the lack of intelligent conversation you've been finding online and want to talk to someone a bit more worldly. A pretentious kinda of snob that can truly appreciate the finer things in life. I'm a bitchy, spoiled, and yeah I'm a gold digger who loves men with a healthy sized portfolio. Raised in a wealthy household on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Then moved to California to private school only to become a stuck up Valley girl. I'm selfish, high-maintenance to the point of sheer insanity, stuck-up, deemed the most desirable by all the boys! I may seem to be superficial but I'm quite intelligent very educated and very familiar with luxury global travel. Don't ask me if I have a job... This is now my job, to take your money and leave you high and dry. I may even let you drain your balls.

What makes me the hottest snob in the Valley of all time?

Let's check out the statistics. 2 of my Professors lost their jobs just *trying* to date me. My old boss at a film studio blew million-dollar contracts on his knees in my old office, pleading for my attention. Why? Because I'm the girl you can't say no to--and the girl who says nothing but NO to you. Maybe I remind your of cold, controlling Wife-- or the rich girl in college who laughed at your attempts to "hang out some time." Whatever, like I give a fuck: bottom line is, without a Bentley, an Amex Black Card, and some serious real estate, you can lick my big round sex ass--as if I would even let you. Kneel down to kiss my fine, firm, bouncy, gravity-defiant ass and guess what happens: you're gonna see your reflection in it--the picture of a needy, trembly, helpless, broke, ugly, stupid, hundred-proof loser ASS...that is to say: You.

My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 3.75
out of 5
Answered Calls: 76% Answered Messages: 74% Favorited By: 55
Personality Score: 6.71
out of 10
Most Common Call Reasons:

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A call with me is frequently described as:


Callers often describe me as:

Easy to talk to

My most mentioned special talent is:

New and unusual twists

My Recent Reviews
  • sirwilson

    I know deep down, she really loves my small penis.

  • alexxxx

    mean that's good

  • loserjeff351

    wow, jst reccovering from trance no idea what happened but i love her

  • stupidsmalls

    Wow, Princess Melissa has me on my knees

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My Recent Posts
  • Princess Addiction

    My sweet polished toes are dry and ready for licking. Come to me foot slave.

  • Princess Addiction

    I just cash raped a lucky little bitch boy out of $500 in 30 minutes. Ha Ha Ha

  • Princess Addiction

    The heat finally broke in California, but its always hot when im present.

  • Princess Addiction

    I have the prettyiest ass you've ever seen.

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My Availability Schedule
  • Monday
    05:55 AM - 09:05 PM PST
  • Tuesday
    05:55 AM - 09:00 PM PST
  • Wednesday
    06:10 AM - 09:10 PM PST
  • Thursday
    05:55 AM - 09:15 PM PST
  • Friday
    05:55 AM - 09:15 PM PST
  • Saturday
    06:00 AM - 09:20 PM PST
  • Sunday
    06:10 AM - 09:25 PM PST

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