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Miss Cocoa the Milk Maiden

Profile#392301 Curvy Female with H cups 0 Tell Me Your Fantasies!!!!!

Hi everyone I'm Vulandra. For those in the know I'm a BDSM Babygirl and I have a Daddy. Being a Babygirl for me is a state of being and part of my personality.

There's another part to me. I'm also a Mommy for my milk lovers into ANR! I enjoy talking to you, having you crawl under the covers with me and suck greedily on my milky nipples. Touching you and going with you on the journey to your O.

Best part is I'm Bisexual so PUSSY YAY!

I live the BDSM lifestyle and have friends all over the spectrum so trust when i tell you that as long as it fits with the TOU of this site....we can talk about it.

I also love glitter, watching internet porn and pretending to be the ppl on screen, taking sexy classy photos, wrestling, reading, dancing and of course SEX!

So if I have a Daddy/Married why am I here you might ask?

Same as you! I want to talk and I love to get off on sensual conversation....come on let's have some fun together! Listen to my intro and you'll get to know more!

I can't wait to hear from you!

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  • Miss Cocoa the Milk Maiden

    Tell me your secrets.....

  • Miss Cocoa the Milk Maiden

    Ready to get off?!??! Call me!

  • Miss Cocoa the Milk Maiden

    I love sucking cock and licking Pussy! Wanna Play?

  • Miss Cocoa the Milk Maiden

    Wet pussy and mouth ready for fun!

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