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Intellectual snobby spoiled Goddess Mandy owns you.

Upscale Conversation Has A Price, You're Going To Pay It I'm Mandy and most definitely not your typical phone sex professional. I prefer to be thought of as a phone therapist specialist. Specializing in a higher end conversation of therapy and a variety of other topics. I'm a true California snobby spoiled Princess. I'm attractive, smart, highly educated, well traveled, a connoisseur of fine wine particularly Bordeauxs and I dine at all the finest restaurants and stay in the top hotels in the world when I travel. Yes, I'm better then you and you are my spending money. You are my fun money paying for my cases of wine and bottles of champagne, you are the cash I spend when I'm traveling and laying out by a pool and then shopping all day. I like to keep my identity private not that you deserve 100% of my hotness anyway. I get off on ridiculing men and taking advantage for my own pleasure. I take advantage of weak minds and use all kinds mental domination tactics. Do you jerk off to a hot financial domination session where a Blond bitch takes all your money and leaves you hard? Do you jerk off to being berated while you confess that you're a sissy who wears panties? Do you have a cock thats so small that you notice every Woman is laughing at it? Do you stroke your cock wishing you were a cuckold to a wife was was out getting fucked by your friend with the huge cock? Do you understand that you need to be used and taken advantage of by ME. You never really stood a chance. Upscale therapy conversation has a price and you're going to pay it

Alternative lifestyles, Performance insecurities, Personal questions & concerns, Pornography fixations, Sex & spirituality

Executive, Femdom, Housewife, Spoiled Rich Girl, Teacher

Cuckold, Femdom, Feminization, Financial Domination, Humiliation

Most Recent Posts by Mandy Owns You

4y 6m
I'm in my bikini waiting to dominate and own you.

4y 6m
Im feeling the deep desire to mind control you.

4y 7m
Crushing your mind, balls and wallet.

4y 7m
Sissy desires are taking over your mind. I'm here to to make you feel pretty and learn to suck that cock.

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