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This Is The Humiliation Hotline

This is the humiliation hotline I think I already know how I can help you. Lets get straight to it loser, no bells and whistles here. No photos of some unobtainable hot Woman with fake tits. No fantasy blonds teasing you with their toned asses. No, Not here at the humiliation hotline this is where you can come to get your daily dose of straight up humiliation. Looking for the best in quick wit and in your face verbal slammings then you've come to the right place. While I know you'll be beating your meat listening to my hot voice i'm not going to give a shit. I'll be busy berating your small cock or maybe ripping on you for being a pussy who wears panties when he thinks no one knows. Wrong bozo, I know, you may be handsome on the outside but you're still fat ugly zit faced loser on the inside. Even worse do you have the sexy handsome Man curse that so many Woman hit on you and it's so easy for you to get a ton of pussy except theres one little problem. Your cock is the size of a cork and you're ashamed to let them see it. No pussy for you sissy poo! Click on Audio Stories to find all my hot MP3 humiliation sessions. My voice will own your loser dick.

BDSM, Erotica, Fantasies, Mistress, Secrets and Confessions

Executive, Girl Next Door, Housewife, MILF, Spoiled Rich Girl

Body Worship, Cuckold, Femdom, Feminization, Humiliation

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