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I just want to have a great life !

Wassup guys ! My name is Heidi and I'm 19 years old & I'm a Super 'fun girl that really wants a guy that can spoil her . I hate working & going to school it sucks !I am very submissive, I have a weakness for guys that take control... Call me and hang out!

Affectionate, Aggressive /Take Charge Type, Alpha Dog, Drama Free

Experimentation, Reading, Relaxation, Sensual Fun

Casual Dating, Cyber Affair, Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy

Most Recent Posts by Heidi Creams

1y 5m
Hold on you guys, I'll return online in 30 minutes

3y 2m
It's my birthday !

3y 3m
Hey guy's just sitting here thinking about how fun my week was and how fun my weekend should be! Call me ;)

3y 7m
I'm just looking for something real .. but mostly financially stable !

3y 9m
Why not come N spend some money ?

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