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Profile#988630 Curvy Female with C cups 44 R U Bi-Curious? Let's Talk!

You are not alone, we all have fantasies that you don't share. Sometimes when you are alone you fantasize about being with another man. Perhaps you imagine laying back and being serviced, but just as much (if not more) you imagine yourself on your knees.......... You think about how good it would feel to have a thick, hot cock sliding between your lips. You would listen to his moans of sexual pleasure and speed your sucking as he neared the edge. His cum would shoot out and splash against the back of your throat and you would gulp thirstfully.......... Or do you think of penetration? Big cocks sliding in and out of tight greased holes? Confess you desires, share them with me. You'll feel better just talking about it. And I can urge you forward, take you deeper into that fantasy..........There is something to it, guys doing nothing else but giving each other endless sexual release. No buying a girl flowers or taking her to dinner, just cocks getting taken out and sucked DRY. You might think of smooth twinks with shaved bodies and smooth skin or maybe men with muscles and thick, meaty shooting loads deep into your body.......... Yummy!

My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 4.68
out of 5
Answered Calls: 96% Answered Messages: 91% Favorited By: 65
Personality Score: 8.92
out of 10
Most Common Call Reasons:

Fantasy/Role Play, Instruction, Quickie & Advice

A call with me is frequently described as:

Entertaining, Accommodating, Emotional & Instructional

Callers often describe me as:

Caring, Clever & Creative

My most mentioned special talent is:

Character role play, Age role play & Especially alluring voice

My Recent Reviews
  • yankcums

    OMFG! Even better than the 1st call before this one. She knows what she's doing for sure. experienced. Oh my Hot Hot Hot Mistress

  • yankcums

    I Luv talking to this Hotty. She's so relaxed and open to all the Nasty Guys Sucking Hard Cock stories you tell her. I just enjoy being Nasty over the phone with her. Sexy voice. Worth the call Nasty Cocksucking Boys.

  • Guy2371

    she was amazing! will definitely call again sometime she is very very good and makes you feel comfortable

  • luv2likpus

    HMMMMMM HOT!!!! WILL CALL AGAIN!!!... sorry, got sooo excited I dropped phone and it cut off.

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