History Of Strange Sex

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Welcome to our first Seriously Strange Sex Series entry of 2018!

You ever feel like there are things about you or your sexy parts that are just too strange? Or maybe that fantasy of yours seems a little too out there to ever say out loud?

Well, have no fear, you are not alone.

We all have a something we deem strange about ourselves or our sexual preferences.

In this series, we take a look at some of the crazier sides of sex and sexuality. So buckle up folks, things are about to get fun, strange, sexy, and weird!

In honor of the ushering in of the New Year this week we are looking at some of the strangest sex facts throughout history.



If you hate condoms and remembering to take a pill you may find it preferable to the older methods. One spermicide recipe preserved since 1800 BC starts off nice enough. A little honey and salt, this is when things get strange, mixed with chopped crocodile dung. Were pretty sure that this contraceptive worked by being a complete turn off once it was applied to the womb.

Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Back in 2005 archaeologists discovered what researchers believe to be the oldest dildo ever discovered. While sex toys themselves are not necessarily strange this particular one managed to stay rock hard for 26,000 years. That’s a lot of Viagra. What’s even stranger is that the women of this time where using 8 inches of stone with carvings in them to get off. Maybe that’s where yoni stones come from. We’re just grateful for the graduation to silicone.

Public Porn

Public Porn

The Ancient Romans have given so much to shaping our future. One of the most notorious spectacles of their society was the Coliseum.

More often you hear about the duels to the death, however much more happened inside the amphitheater than those gladiator fights.

For instance -The poet Martial recorded the opening shows of the Coliseum. He described all the animals sacrificed and the gladiator fights. He also recorded a display of a different kind. In Greek legend, Pasiphae is made to fall in love with a bull. She sleeps with the beast, and the Minotaur is born from their love. Martial tells us “that Pasiphae was mated to the Dictaean bull, believe: we have seen it.” The romans where not alone when it came to public sexual acts.

The Greeks, who where also known for their bloody tragedies did have a sexier side. On stage, comic male characters would wear a huge, and barely hidden, leather penis. This could be whipped out as the play required for anything. The master of Old Comedy, Aristophanes, employed these phalluses for masturbation jokes, erection humor, impotence barbs, and the offer to use the phallus as a ships rudder.

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  1. Wow these are a bit strange and cool at the same time. And it just proves that everything has a beginning. And as time goes by everything does evolve as well. I am myself looking forward to the day when robots/blow up dolls can indulge in group sex with humans. Only that is if they look like a human.

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