Different Ways to Make Her Cum Part 1

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The clit, the g-spot, and the c-spot… Exactly how many ways are there to make a girl cum? There are 8 ways commonly recognized. If you can’t recall all eight don’t worry! We are going to break them all down for you. Here are ways 1 through 5.

Nipple Orgasm

nipple orgasm

Believe it or not, there is something called the nipple orgasm.  Nipples are a very important erogenous zone since their energy channels are connected to the clitoris. Continuous stimulation to the nipples can result in an orgasm. If you’d like to explore this kind of orgasm, but worry your nipples aren’t sensitive enough, try experimenting with your partner or yourself. 20 to 30 minutes a day of touching, pinching, rubbing, kneading, twisting, licking, sucking, and or biting will increase your sensitivity. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Clitoral Orgasm


This is the most common orgasm for women. Intense stimulation directly to the clitoral area will result in this kind of orgasm. However, pleasure can decline as it becomes hypersensitive after too much direct focus. Therefore the best way to incorporate this kind of orgasm, is to try and avoid an explosive one too early. Practice stimulating the clit simultaneously with internal stimulation. Just remember some women enjoy direct contact while others need indirect contact to the clitoral area.

Vaginal Entrance Orgasm

vaginal orgasm

Much like a clitoral orgasm, this kind is shallow, sharp, and can become explosive. To achieve this orgasm touch the ring of muscles and tissue at the entrance of the vagina. It is jam packed with nerve endings, and is an often bypassed erogenous zone. Vary your pressure direction of movements, and use of fingers, tongue, penis, or sex toy to rely enjoy the experience.

G-Spot Orgasm


The mythical G-spot, yes boys it is real! Located just inside the vaginal entrance on the upper wall under the pubic bone. Still can’t find it boys? Insert your finger into the vagina and curl upwards to the clit. The area should feel different from the rest of the vagina walls. As she becomes more aroused it will swell and become more sensitive and easier to find. This kind of orgasm can be harder to reach than a clitoral one, but it’s intensity and duration of orgasm is worth the work.

C-Spot Orgasm


The C-spot, also known as a cervical orgasm, is one of the deepest and more intense orgasms a woman can have. Warning! Since the cervix is the entrance to the womb, the core of female energy and self, this orgasm is often accompanied by strong emotions of love, oneness, and ecstasy. Don’t be alarmed if she cries will feelings of deep satisfaction. This kind of orgasm is also said to feel like whole body experience, as energy will flow throughout her body and reach her on a much more personal level.

With all these options it may be hard to choose, so don’t! Go ahead give them all a try and when you are done come back and check out Part 2.



2 thoughts on “Different Ways to Make Her Cum Part 1”

  1. Lots of guys just want to get in and out and I think a guy should really take the time to explore a woman and have her orgasm in every which way possible. And for us women we should do the same and take the time to find out what makes us cum really good. I mean let`s face it we can not always leave our orgasm in the man`s hand. I mean personally I sometimes with a guy need to bring out a toy for a little extra help and for a supreme orgasm.

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