A kinky bad girl with a Bible and a very wet hole...a not so pious pussy.

My name is Ruth. My husband discovered he was not good enough for me, as I needed REAL men. I gave him a choice. Submit to being a cuckold panty boy who has to watch me get cock. Prep, cleanup, and much much more. The other option was me leaving. He chose to serve and is my willing helper. He preaches one thing at our conservative church, while at home knows that I get pounded by men who truly know what to do with their cocks..

I grew up in a conservative religious background where sex was "EVIL" in almost every case. I went to a Christian college where I had to sign a purity pledge that I broke on day one!

I love to fantasize or role play about kinky scenarios. Or tell me about your adventures... I also enjoy helping a guy with a quick call if that is what he wants. I just enjoy doing calls, and most guys find me very comfortable to talk with. (Must be from all that practice as a minister's wife!) Plus, I just plain love a good cock. Kinky is just who I am.

I consider myself bi, because I like pussy almost as much as cock.

Give me a call, you will not be sorry.