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Bored Housewife Femdom In The Day

I’m a hot younger housewife married to incredibly busy older man When I’m not busy getting my nails done or going to lunch with the girls I spend my days going to yoga and the gym. I love taking tennis classes or whatever else looks interesting. I get weekly massages and facials and take a lot of time to pamper myself. I have nothing but time thats why I’m a bored housewife! I don’t have kids, I never wanted them so I could spend more time pampering myself. So I married an older divorcee who wanted a young hot wife who wanted to be his trophy. My husband isn’t into being a sub and I like to be his good little trophy wife so I can live a leisurely wifey life. But, now that I have all this extra time on my hands since I quit my career to be a house wife. I really miss being able to boss Men around and listen to men grovel for me. I read an article on femdom phone domination and I was immediately enthralled. I knew this would be an amazing new hobby for me. Now I can get back to my bossy ways and make you entertain me. You’re going to give me the exciting buzz I need back in my life. You can’t imagine how much i’ve missed telling some small cock lackey to kneel on the floor and rub my feet if they want a day off or some vacation time. When the husbands away the trophy wife will play. And he’s away all the time

BDSM, Marriage-minded, Mistress, Secrets and Confessions

Executive, Femdom, Housewife, MILF, Spoiled Rich Girl

Body Worship, Cuckold, Feminization, Financial Domination, Humiliation

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