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Female Muscle Therapy

By day I'm a mild-mannered, conservative family counselor and therapist. But by night and once I'm done with my day job, my mental state transforms into a woman who is driven and obsessed with bodybuilding and becoming one of the strongest and most muscular women in the world. And yes, at this point in my life, I am completely obsessed with building my body. But don't let my muscular physique scare you. I'm sexy, sensual, erotic, sweet, smart and sophisticated. I enjoy speaking with smart, intelligent men who are driven in their own livs, comfortable with who they are, yet can appreciate a strong, muscular woman such as myself. I love having a great conversation with my callers. If you should call me, I expect you to respect me. I am a lady and expect to be spoken to and treated as such. We can talk about your day, relationships, and more. I love talking about female muscle, and if you are attracted to female bodybuilders and muscular women, I would love to talk about this with you. I do not indulge any age play fantasies, nor am I interested in speaking with sissy men or men who are confused with their own sexuality. If you're having a bad day, need a friend to talk with, are lonely or are having relationship problems, I'd love to be your listening ear. I'm a fun and outgoing woman who loves her day job and helping people. If you love big, muscular women and love female bodybuilders, I welcome your call. I enjoy listening to your female muscle fantasies and fetishes. Nothing gets me hotter than hearing a man who gets sexually turned on by big muscular women such as myself.

Depression, Family Problems, Health & Fitness, Motivation Help, Relationships


Most Recent Posts by Talk to Becky

1m 9d
Sitting here in my office, my blouse and bra ripped open and playing with my hard nipples... I'm horny, are you?

2m 10d
I love men who are so passionate about female bodybuilders like me, lets talk!

2m 10d
Need to talk about your female muscle fetish? Call me and talk live with a female bodybuilder who will understand you!

2m 27d
Remember me, the little fat girl next door? well, I'm not fat anymore...

2m 27d
I'm intelligent, sexy and smart with a body to match! call me and let's talk...

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