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You have reached Sex Therapist Pippa. I'm a therapist that has years in experience helping people in the fetish sex world. Are you straight but are consumed by thoughts of massive dicks being choked down your throat? . You are not alone! These taboo fantasies are far more common then you think. However, these are not topics most men are comfortable discussing with friends, relation or even their doctor. . Issues of power, the desire for humiliation and taboo obsessions are just a few of the areas I specialize in. . My almost 5 years of phone sex experience insures that I will be neither shocked nor horrified at whatever perversity gets your cock hard. . I speak your language and I understand your dark desires better then you do! I’m not here to judge you or to cure you. I am here to listen and help you explore who you are and why your desires are so naughty and nasty. . Sometimes you just need a safe place you can indulge your fantasies. Phone sex is about more then just getting off. It is a special intimate relationship where you should feel safe and comfortable discussing and exploring your deepest most intimate thoughts and desires no matter how unusual or perverse they may seem to others. It’s not just about talking dirty for 10 or 15 minutes. It’s about hanging up feeling good about yourself, knowing you are not alone in your dark desires. It’s about having an outlet to explore your hidden sexual impulses. It is a healthy, legal way to control those urges that keep you awake at night and leave you feeling ashamed and confused. . Isn’t it time you stopped feeling like a freak? Isn’t it time you stopped running from phone ho to phone ho, too embarrassed to call back a second time because you’re convinced she thinks you’re depraved? Isn’t it time you called “Pippa” for a more fulfilling Phone sex experience? It’s time you learned that your weird desires are what make you NORMAL. . I’m here to make you feel good sexually and spiritually. No more Phone sex guilt.

All Topics, Anything goes, Casual Encounters, Fantasies, Secrets and Confessions

Executive, Housewife, MILF, Secretary, Slut

Cuckold, Feet/Foot Fetish, Femdom, Heels/Shoes, Stockings/Hosiery

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22h 59m
What gets me off is watching you play with a little in my office I get so wet let me help you!

The littles have arrived new fresh bus load of them this morning from the foster care cum and check them out fresh lil meat

Don't you wanna have a lil suck on your juice box today until it comes in my office there here:)

There is a new bus load of fosters coming in my office today to be checked over do you wanna get nasty with the littles?????

I'm going to flood your brain with pedo thoughts today you will be consumed with littles and puffy lil things.

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