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Deceptively sweet, wickedly kind Devil Woman

I am the woman you'd never suspect will be your downfall and doom. Deceptively sweet, with a wickedly kind voice, and an addicting joyous laugh that will make you fall in love with this Devil Woman. I am Satan in the Female Form. I am the Sinstress who enables your naughty desires, deepens them with loving encouraging words. I become the satanic Mother Superior to whom you confess your sins. Like a dark Mother and Goddess I teach you the pleasures of the flesh and point out the foolishness of religious dogma. In due time I become your only true God/dess for whom you'll sacrifice everything. Remember my pets, mine is the real of deception. Don't come here expecting to talk to someone who sounds deranged and demonic. Satan lures you with kindness, not chases you away with fear. Haha. Religious Fetish, Blaspheme, Erotic Puppeteer, Sin Encouragement, Religious Humiliation, Sinduction, Goddess Worship, JOI with prayer, and more Note: Dear Sinners, know what it is you want before coming to this listing. Silly boys with no clue what this fetish is about will be turned into Toads. "Just kidding" ...maybe

1-on-1 chat, Dom/Sub, Fanatasy, Mistress, Role Play

Executive, Femdom, Goth/Punk, Teacher

BDSM, Femdom, Fetish, Financial Domination, Humiliation

Most Recent Posts by Satanic Goddess Bella Donna

9m 30d
It's time to blaspheme and sin boys.....

10m 5d
Evil is always deceptively sweet otherwise you'd know to run from it.

10m 5d
I bet you have been a very naughty sinner already today. It's time to unburden your .. ahem mind and confess to me.

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