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REAL.Talk.Not Phone Sex. What do you REALLY want? ENTER>>>

Hey! So here's the deal, I used to be a top phone fantasy consultant-otherwise known as Phone Sex Operator/PSO. I like to play with words, and other things...Like, The Law of Attraction. As it turns out, since I stopped doing fantasy phone, and when I came back to taking calls in January of 2018 I started talking to men about their REAL LIFE WANTS/NEEDS/DESIRES for sexual situations OR relationships involving "regular" stuff OR off to the side a bit or a lot, either way-I have worked now with a lot of people to help manifest into REAL life what they truly desire. It's not magic, it's not using psychic powers, it's UNIVERSAL LAW. But you have to know the right recipe to really make it work in your favor because guess what? You are already and always manifesting, controlling it and getting what you want, or as close to it as possible is the key. I can help you on a few levels. CHECK IN WITH ME TO SEE IF WHAT YOU DESIRE really is that HARD to find, you'd be surprised at how many people think that they are too niche in their desires, but they aren't. And within a week or two they were getting what they wanted! Chances are, your counterpart IS out there and more than one. Aside from that, you can work out any past or current issues, prior to meeting that person or bringing in that situation. Also, you can talk to me about anything. This really is a NO TABOOS space. I'm openminded, nonjudgemental, NICE, a NATURAL PSYCHIC PHYSICAL EMPATH & ENERGY HEALER...And as long as you understand I do not talk dirty, do fantasy, or engage or indulge you in phone sex. Being aroused, touching yourself, etc is totally acceptable. Questions? Email me, or better yet-CALL ME. I'm infinitely worth it, you'll see! <3 Infinite Blessings, INFINITI aka MYSTERI aka Earth Mama

Couples questions & concerns, LGBT/Sexual orientation issues, Loneliness, Personal questions & concerns, Relationship Advice

All American Girl, Executive, Neighbor, Professional, Teacher

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3y 1m
I'm talking to Raymond Kanute and he loves to suck cock and swallow lots and lots and lots of cum. Wanna give him some????

3y 2m
Tell me everything....You bad, bad boy. Then have fun with Mysteri Love's Gallery SALE! From $8.99 to $4.00! ENJOY!

3y 8m
I'm in the mood to hear some naughty secrets...Call me. =)

3y 8m
Oh NO! My power is out...Conserving battery life. I still want to talk to you-send me a text if you want to call me,I'll log in!

3y 8m
A gift for YOU...I just discounted my galleries. Happy Holidays to YOU! Enjoy!!! =)

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