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Accommodating, Mind-blowing & Imaginative

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Intelligent, Creative & Caring

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Fantasy role play & Character role play

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Hey! I'm Mysteri. Are you into women who are older but look younger? I sure hope so because I'm in my 40's. Go ahead, call me a MILF, after all-it's true. I'm a real woman, with real experiences. I'm 5'6'', 128 lbs, my measurements are 36-28-36. I love younger men, men my age and older men (it's really not about age for me-I like CHEMISTRY). And, I love women too (what's not to love?)...I have an insatiable sexual appetite. I'm always horny, always wanting more. I really don't have a favorite position or a favorite fantasy, or any type of role play or fantasy that I "specialize" in. What I like, what I'm "in to" is you telling me what's got your cock hard. THAT turns me on, that taps me in. I'm HIGHLY intuitive, SUPER creative and VERY sexually CHARGED. I have MASSIVE amounts of positive energy to play and play with. If we really connect, then you'll swear I can read your mind. Oh yeah-that's real. And you've never tried guided masturbation WITH ME, you really should. Trust me, it'll surprise you what I have you do and how hard you'll cum. =) Actually, no matter HOW you cum-you'll be surprised at how hard you cum. I promise. I'm also very easy to talk to, if you want to have a conversation about anything, tell me your fantasies, secrets, naughty desires-I'm very interested and I'll share mine too. If you just need someone to talk to, share things with, I'm a great listener and I give solid advice. The page is blank, we can write any story and do anything we want! Let's get started, call me and I promise, you'll truly enjoy yourself.

Anything goes, Fanatasy, Masturbation, Same sex curious , Sex Toys

Cougar, Kinky, MILF, Slut, Submissive

Cuckolds, Dildo Training, Femdom, Foot Worship, Orgasm Denial/Control

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2m 29d
Ask me how to get an exclusive pic complete with a sign with your name on it!

8m 18d
To one of my favorite guys...Thank you for your generous TIPS! They are ALWAYS graciously accepted! Kisses!

8m 22d
I highly recommend this video on YouTube: Understanding the Fractal Youniverse - Spoken by Alan Watts

8m 27d
Do any of you SELECT that you want to receive texts from brand new contacts? I've tried several of you who I haven't talked to..

8m 27d
but it NEVER works. Go to your profile and check your preferences. Is it turned on or off? Do you like Mysteri-ious surprises???

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