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My Per Minute Rate is Set at $1.44 and sometimes I offer Specials for limited times...Hello there! Thanks for visiting my profile. Was gone from July 2017 through most of January 2018, before that I was one of the top girls here on TTM! While I've been gone some things have changed for me. Unfortunately, I am not offering fantasy phone sex any longer, that is in ANY way, so PLEASE do NOT ask. Sorry! However, what I am offering now are a couple of other things! Firstly, one of the reasons why I was so popular on here was because I am a Psychic Physical Empath, which is why connecting with my callers on a HIGH telepathic/psychic level is the norm for me and different for them...Over the last few months I have developed my skills to a point that I now do Healing in a different way. =). I help people release pain and restore energy flow to their bodies, still energy work but not to bring you to completion, but to bring you to BALANCE, energetically. Similar to Reiki, (but not quite) as my gift came naturally. I can also do this REMOTELY over the phone, so if you are into energy work and healing, I can work with you on THAT kind of release. Please contact me if you want more info on that or my Psychic/Love & Relationship/Tarot work. Aside from that, one of my favorite things on TTM was having all sorts of conversations with different people, and I am still up for that BIG TIME! Even though I won't do fantasy/role play anymore, I am still VERY OPEN to having conversations about SEX, answering questions, giving advice AND EVEN PHONE SEX COACHING for Talkers (ask about a special rate) and Callers! And all sorts of conversations from the fun to serious to seriously deep spiritual talk, I love having interesting conversations and building friendships and trust with people from sharing time and space over the phone. These relationships can be very strong and meaningful. I hope you'll be one of them! P.S. Please leave a REVIEW if you want to talk again!

1-on-1 chat, Just Friends, Relationship Advice, Sex & spirituality, Spirituality & Meditation

All American Girl, Neighbor, Professional, Teacher

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The first person to call me & mentions this gets 20Min/$20 Talk about whatever...You may even get an EXTRA surprise!

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Hey Guys! Stimulating, Fun, Intelligent talk...All weekend 2/9-2/11- $1.11/Min & $30/30Min Packages!

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SUPER SPECIAL! $1.11/Min Today ONLY, 2/4/18! Call me! =)

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Now through 3PM Pacific >> $1.23...Elevate Your Talk Experience

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If I'm not signed in when you want to talk, please send A TEXT! I'll get back to you ASAP!

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