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Sexy Female Bodybuilder

do you get turned on by Muscular Women and Female Bodybuilders? Women with huge, bulging, massive, vein covered muscles? Have you ever wanted to speak with a Female Bodybuilder and Muscle Goddess? A woman who has spent years in the gym pumpin' iron and building her body, becoming the object of your desire and lust? If you answered yes to the above, then call me now and let's talk! I'm a sexy, erotic, mature, hardcore, massive Female Bodybuilder. I love talking about my muscles, strength, and exploring your Female Muscle fantasies with you! What's your Female Muscle fantasy or fetish? Want to know how strong and powerful I am? Or how I'd sexily flex and pose my rock hard, bulging, muscular, built body for you in private while I let you run your hands all over me, worshipping my Goddess Physique. or maybe you are into muscle domination, shirt ripping, female muscle growth (FMG) or the She Hulk. Whatever your Female Muscle fantasy or fetish, I'd love to explore it with you! Don't be shy. I'm easy to talk to and it's the ultimate compliment when a man tells me he's turned on by how muscular I am. I want you to be comfortable and know that your secrets are safe with me. I want to be your outlet to talk about your love of Female Bodybuilders that you can't share with your closest friends or family. I have been told I'm a great listener and give great advice as well!

1-on-1 chat, Exhibitionism, Health & Fitness, Lingerie, Same sex curious

All American Girl, Dancer/Stripper, Librarian, Model, Romantic

Body Worship, Face Sitting/Smothering, Femdom, Fetish, Foot Worship

Most Recent Posts by Musclebound Michelle

I'll be available all evening to talk, call me and tell me your female muscle fantasies!

I'm pumped up and horny, who wants to play? Call me now and let's get sweaty!

Just uploaded a new video! Get up-close and personal with my huge, tanned, vein covered, ripped and sexy calves!

Till the end of July, all callers who buy my 30 minute flat rate package will receive a topless photo of me!

I know you love HUGE Female Bodybuilders with BIG TITS! Let's play with mine tonight! I'm waiting, call me now!

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