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ABDL Play With A Real Life Kinky Caregiver

Oh boy! So I searched around the website and couldn't find a single convincing ABDL oriented profile. But have no fear - Mercy the real life caregiver is here. About a year ago I dove head first into a gender fluid / BDSM / ABDL relationship and things have never been the same. When I first started as a phone sex operator / Cam Girl (7+) years ago, I would do ABDL and 'Little' calls & people were satisfied for sure , but I personally never quite understood the appeal. it wasn't until I found my own (25 y/o - Bio Male) 'Little' ABDL Grl! It happened so naturally and felt so fluid. It just took me by surprise and befor I knew it , I was carrying a pretty pink bag with bottles , nappies & wipes and couldn't be happier. Weather we are having dinner in a public place & I am feeding her desert , one bite at a time or if we are at home and she slips into the shower with me , begging to be cleaned and played with , I just melt when she slips into little space. The most exciting time for both of us is "checking and changing". I always get so excited when I have an excuse to stripp her down and get my hands all over her soft , smooth bottom. So this is where you come in - I have totally become addicted to caregiving RP & I absolutely love all types of ABDL play! Are you a non-sexual , gender fluid little that just wants bed time stories or a tiny pervy boy brat that needs to be put in his place on a nightly bases , come into my den and receive exactly what you need from a caregiver - Open ears and an open heart , I know that this can be a hard Fetish for some to comes to grips with and accept. My goal is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and make you feel loved and cared for & no matter how that manifests during our Taboo / ABDL sessions , you can rest assured that it will be worth our wile and most definitely , unforgettable. Nervous about calling? Text me first. Once you find out how friendly and understanding I am - calling wont be an issue

Fantasy, Intimacy issues, Mistress, Role Play, Sex-positive support

Babysitter, Femdom, Goth/Punk, Porn Star, Teacher

BDSM, Feminization, Infatilism, Littles, Sploshing (wet & messy)

Most Recent Posts by Mercy West The ABDL Caregiver

3y 1m
No tears , only smiles :)

3y 1m
Come Here Baby Doll...Let Daddy Clean You All Up...

3y 1m
Have you been a naughty 'Little? Come play...

3y 1m
Not sure why but I just love crinkly butts in my bed :) Waking up to dry humping and a wet nappy? What could be better.

3y 1m
Leaking? Awwww poor thing....I hope you don't get a big wet spot between your legs...we still have a long walk back to the car

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