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77% calls answered.98% msgs answered. Favorited By 54 Callers

Most Common Call Reasons

Most callers call me for Fantasy/Role Play, Quickie, Someone to talk to & Girlfriend Experience

A call with me is more frequently described as ...

Accommodating, Memorable & Enlightening

Callers often describe me as ...

Caring, Sexy, Bubbly & Aggressive

My most mentioned special talents are ...

Character role play, Age role play & Exceptionally vivid descriptions

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  • jrits's avatar.
    complete waste of time and $$$, Never saw her! Only watched the clock tick and my money disappear! Won't replenish $$ in my account.
    Mady4you's avatar.

    Hello Mister ungratful! first of alll bifore u call the skype u should know that cost u 2.99 $ per minute . shame!

  • timmyd666's avatar.
    Yes she is from Romania and speaks decent English. if you take the time to try and understand her you Will have a good time.
    Mady4you's avatar.

    Thank you Daddy!

  • elroberto's avatar.
    i did webcam with her and she was fucking amazing
    Mady4you's avatar.

    hey hum why just 4 starts i didn't satisfy yo well?

  • Cuntfucker69's avatar.
    Romanian, doesnt speak much english
    Mady4you's avatar.

    why u say that , my english is pretty good and i respect all my costumers. i dont know why u say this!

  • dukemart's avatar.
    Our communication wasn't that good. Think it might be difference in native language or culture. On the other hand, if you have a fantasy of banging Melania Trump, this is the girl for you.
    Mady4you's avatar.

    u should come to see me on cam and then will see is any diference of culture of language or whatever u try to say there.

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