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friends with benefits

Hey there, I'm Joy, 20, looking for friends with benefits. I love the mix of normal chat & sexual fun combined but platonic's good too :) All type's of calls are welcome though (however I'm NOT into young-play talk/rp). ______________I'm currently no longer checking any messages. .however If you want to send a porn link to watch would be glad to open while on phone.___please know I never hang up unless your talking young-play/etc and I already asked you once. If that's not the case it means your end disconnected. __Other profiles CummingWithJoy #598337 & Jerking with Joy

Art/Design, Computers & Gadgets, Cooking, Country Music, Dancing, Fantasy & Fiction, Like Cats, Like Dogs, Movies, Music, Outdoors, Spanking / Discipline, Thunderstorms

Definitely NOT interested in marriage, Friends with Benefits, Just Hanging Out

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2m 26d
Hope you see -Connect Fail - received your Voicemail message , unable to respond without a profile _Star-Trek - McD Breakfast ;)

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