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Am I still considered a tease if you cum?

Most guys my age don't know what to do with me so I teach them. Sure I'm 18 but I'm all grown up and the word "no" is just soooo childish to me. With that mindset I've become a try-sexual,ill try just about anything 2,3,or 4 times over; maybe even more if there's Gatorade on the nightstand lol. On my 18th birthday my daddy gave me a journal and I've used it to write my sexual bucket list; all the things I want to fucking do before I turn 21(emphasis on fucking). I'll show it to you but the deal is you have to help me check something off of it :)

1-on-1 chat, All Topics, Bareback Sex, Interracial Sex, Adult Videos

Femdom, Virgin, School girl, Neighbor, Submissive

BDSM, Face Sitting/Smothering, Kink, Sploshing (wet & messy), Submissive

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3y 2m
Its so weird seeing all of my ex lovers now that I'm home and they're all offering pussy licks and stiff dicks lol

3y 3m
Rainy here in San Diego and rain makes me want to fuck all night!

3y 3m
I love being able to suck on things while my best friend is over on the east coast freezing....

3y 4m
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I just had something really yummy in my mouth wanna know what ? ;p

3y 4m
Mmmmmmmm its official fucking Friday. Emphasis on Fucking lol ;p

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