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No One Else There For You, I am Right Here

Just need that special someone to listen to all your hopes and fears. Just someone to lean on when no one else has the time for you. They just would notunderstand what you are going through or maybe tired of hearing you talk about the same thing. That is what I am here for tell me everything get it all out. You will feel so much better after I listen and understand what you are going through.

Dating Advice, Depression, Family Problems, Motivation Help, Relationships

All American Girl, Cougar, Neighbor, Romantic, Secretary

BDSM, Bondage, Discipline, Femdom, Submissive

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3y 1m
I am to listen if anyone needs to get something off their minds. I am an excellent listener. Never judge

3y 10m
I am here for you.

3y 10m
What is on your mind? I am here ready to listen.

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