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Humiliation Therapy With Dr. Lovejoy

Come tell your therapist your problems, I always have the right thing to say. Are you ready to let me take full control of your mind, your cock, and your wallet? Of course you are. As soon as you heard my voice, you were ready. And I see you already have your hard, throbbing cock out. Let's not waste any more time. Sit back, relax, and let me fuck up your brain . . . and your bank account! Do you feel tense and uptight? Are you tired of being the big boss at work all day? It's time for you to relax, you can sit back and open up that wallet and start paying me to provide you with the humiliation and judgment you need, deserve and crave. When you get that Victoria Secret catalog in the mail is it the lingerie that you want and not the sexy woman in the photos? Do you wish your wife or girlfriend would cuckold you and come home and tell you how she just had sex with a well endowed stud? Are your finances a total mess and you need to figure out how to funnel that money into a more serving investment. You'll find my Financial Domination therapy always has my best interest at hand and that I always know whats best for you. When you go out do you look at younger more attractive Women and think about them destroying your personal life? Do you wear the pants at home and the office but really crave putting on a dress? We will work through your issues with various treatments not limited to humiliation, we may explore the world of suggestion through a seductive, compelling trance, Find a new mind space through intoxication and explore other realms of sexuality through feminization and bisexuality. If you can relate and I know you can then I am the therapist for you. Lets let our relationship begin shall we? Click on my stories for my MP3 audio sessions to melt your mind.

1-on-1 chat, All Topics, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Secrets and Confessions

Executive, Femdom, Housewife, Secretary, Spoiled Rich Girl

Cuckold, Femdom, Feminization, Financial Domination, Humiliation

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Lets go to Victoria Secret together and get matching lingerie.

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Often imitated never duplicated.

4y 5m
Are you secretly attracted to the same sex?

4y 5m
Did you spend another weekend jerking off to porn? I know you did.

4y 5m
Intense perversions are taking over your thoughts.

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