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Honest advice from a girl thats seen and heard EVERYTHING

Everyone needs that one person who is unfiltered and gives the truth like how you need to take a shot of Hennessy...STRAIGHT! I'll tell you how it is...nothing but honesty. A lot ya'll can't take the truth...and that sucks for you but thats how I give it up! Nothing is taboo for me. I've seen and heard everything under the sun. I'm willing to play with you too. I like talking to you about your day and your fantasies and I LOVE talking about mine. Let's have a good time :)

Affectionate, Athletic, Drinker, Casual, Professional/Corporate, Risk Taker / Rule Breaker

Current Events & Politics, Fitness, Hanging Out, Oral Sex, Receiving, Tantric / Senusal

Anything Goes, Casual Dating, Friends with Benefits, Sugar Baby

Most Recent Posts by Henny Straight Advice

honestly...ive been kinda scarce because i havent had any interesting convos on here in a while. maybe you can change that...

Let the games begin!

I need to do a better job at keeping yall entertained...then again maybe YALL need to do a better job at keeping ME intrigued

1m 25d
hey loves <3

2m 6d
Hey people! I was gone for a minute but now I'm back

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