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Profile#279190 Slender Female with B cups 171 Raw Real Rare Randi is your Erotic ~ Extreme ~ Experienced Therapist or No Limits Phone Whore

Open-minded, erotic and spiritual, I am a muse, counselor, one of a kind conversationalist and skilled PSO. A Medicine Woman, I am a self-love guru, masturbation coach and sexual healer. Never underestimate the value of phone sex combined with phone therapy. Pleasure is Medicine

Talk to me. Discover how easily I understand and support your day to day stress, sexual confusion, frustrations, perversions and lonliness. Open up regarding your life challenges and sexual concerns. Not only will you enjoy the ability to vent, you will save a fortune on what a licensed therapist charges. Plus, I will be more effective and the experience will be far more enjoyable!

Guys often tell me that an intelligent woman makes their cock just as hard as eye candy. I love men and have an appreciation for male sexuality. When the student is ready the teacher will cum. You and I will become student and teacher for each other.

Professionally and Personally Yours,

There is a strong need for love in the phone sex industry. I am a Loving Presence.

Phone sex is a release ~ Phone sex is a fulfillment ~ Phone sex is a pleasure ~ Phone sex is a tease ~ Phone sex is a fantasy ~ Phone sex is a memory ~ Phone sex is a vision ~ Phone sex is a ride ~ Phone sex is a romance ~ Phone sex is an explosion ~ Phone sex is an adventure ~ Phone sex is an exploration ~ Phone sex is an awakening ~ Phone sex is nasty ~ Phone sex is intimate ~ Phone sex is orgasmic ~ Phone sex is hypnotic ~ Phone sex is confessional ~ Phone sex is imaginative ~ Phone sex is energizing ~ Phone sex is healing ~ Phone sex can enlighten ~ Phone sex can instruct ~ Phone sex can support ~ Phone sex can relax ~ Phone sex makes you throb ~ Phone sex makes you groan ~ Phone sex makes you ooze ~ Phone sex makes you shoot ~ Phone sex will lift your mood ~ Phone sex will open your mind ~ Phone sex will rev your engine!

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My Scorecard
Average Call Rating: 4.73
out of 5
Answered Calls: 82% Answered Messages: 93% Favorited By: 207
Personality Score: 8.96
out of 10
Most Common Call Reasons:

Fantasy/Role Play, Advice, Someone to talk to & Quickie

A call with me is frequently described as:

Accommodating, Enlightening, Mind-blowing & Instructional

Callers often describe me as:

Caring, Clever, Aggressive & Bubbly

My most mentioned special talent is:

Character role play, Age role play, Especially alluring voice & Fantasy role play

My Recent Reviews
  • IHeartPizza

    Randi, is so amazing! I call her quite a bit. She knows what to say and how to say it. Her watching me through skype made things even hotter. she is a must call!

  • jdmbling02

    not sure what happened, got disconnected but great call as always!

  • pisslovingsissyboy

    love talking to her she gets what you want and need

  • mtrevino530

    Really good descriptions, really good moans. Had me blowing my load pretty quickly.

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My Recent Posts
  • cumplaytherapist

    Intelligent, easy to talk to, listen to your every word, nonjudgmental & FUN! I get off hearing from your creative erotic m

  • cumplaytherapist

    Happy Saturday ~ Cum celebrate and explore your sexuality with me. Produce your boner win for my good time connected with YOU!

  • cumplaytherapist

    I am an enthusiastic and happy Phone Whore who loves the imagination, freedom, and limitlessness that only phone sex affords.

  • cumplaytherapist

    Nothing about you needs to be fixed. You are perfect with all of your imperfections. Perfect with your sexuality just the way it

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