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Big Beautiful Woman

I love being a big girl. I love my big titties and phat ass and I am sexy as hell. I am educated and intelligent and have a wild imagination, and I love talking sexy to men on the phone. Stop by for a good time with a natural Southern black woman. My mind is dirty, my voice is seductive and dripping with sweet sexy realness, and I get off with you, no faking, no filter.

Fantasies, Just Friends, Friends With Benefits, Web Cams, Big Cocks

Kinky, Romantic, Submissive, Femdom, Slut

Breast Play, Femdom, Facials/Bukkake, Financial Domination, Infantilism

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9h 46m
.99 per minute all day!! Titty Tuesday!!

9m 30d
hello lovers! check out my new profile picture. remember I'm always available for sexting! cum over later tonight around 6.

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