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You can stroke people with words.- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hello from Texas! I am Alyssa and let me tell you; I enjoy a man who knows how to take care of a lady. I am in my late 30's. I also really love my body and have worked very hard to make it look, feel, and do exactly what I want it to when I want it to. And I like to make it do a lot of things. Oh, and those pictures? 100% real, and so are my few pictures on Talktome. I have years of phone sex experience. To be very direct, you'll have my undivided attention, and I'll fuck you right the 1st time and every time! The reason why I come here... Not just for the money, but for my sexual satisfaction and edification. So I can grow wise in the ways of my body - and yours. The fact is, I like taking care of the people in my life; it brings me great pleasure to please them in every way. n whatever direction you want to go. You make plans. I make them come true. Because pleasing youI've been told I can make a man swell by just reading the back of a cereal box. In fact, my voice is so good I make a little money with it. I write and record erotic romance' I even do some voice-over acting. I'm here for a deep, delicious, ongoing sexual adventure - with you. I enjoy being a woman and greatly enjoy you being every bit of man, but I'm not interested in a one-time thing. I - and you - deserve much more than that. So let me show you what Southern Hospitality is all about. Let's build a long-term relationship that nobody else knows about, and no one else can understand. And I promise: I will always let you steer us, i, pleases me.

Affectionate, Confident, Great Conversationalist, Sex Drive, High, Someone I Can Teach

Bubble Baths, Extended Foreplay / Teasing, Reading, Shopping, Traveling

Casual Dating, Cyber Affair, Discreet Encounters, Friends with Benefits, Long Term Relationship

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