Hi I am your Nubian Princess

My Darlings, Take a break from everything that is exhausting and tedious in your world. Come and express those thoughts to me and then relax in my world.

See, this is all about your deepest sensations. Catch me on Skype Sundays between 11am and 1pm EST and tell me face to face.. Make sure your cam is working so we don't loose the call!

And while you are here, please let me pour your favorite drink. We are going to be here a while.Do you have a sexy topics on your mind? Rest your head on my warm brown thighs while we chat about it. Is there a secret that has been troubling you and you wanna share it? Talk to me about that too.

I am always on the go with life but always only a phone call away. Therefore, my busy life doesn't allow me much time to answer emails so just call! That way you can tell me your erotic thoughts whenever we are both available--- rainy, cloudy or fair.

I highly value a long term phone relationships with you, darling. Wow! It is like kissing the moon! Though it would be nice to meet you, please keep in mind that this is not a dating site.

Call me, dear, call me.

PS. If you would like to use lewd language, profanity and racial slurs, kindly call a different number.