Sex at Work: First Hand Sex Stories

sex at work

What do you think about to get you through your work week? Getting off? Get your mind in the gutter because we really do mean sex. This may sound like a pearl clutching idea for some, but it’s actually more common than you would think. We surveyed 300 people and just under half admitted to getting it on while on the clock. Don’t worry! We would never just request yes or no responses without also getting some juicy stories for you.

Closet Quickie

closet sex at work

An anonymous woman told us about her experience with her boyfriend working in a factory, “he had to come in on a Saturday evening. Other than the security guard, it was just going to be him. So I tagged along. It wasn’t long before we snuck into a janitor closet and had a quickie.”

Secret Sex Ritual

Secret Sex Ritual

Nikkiy told us her secret, “Yep, my manager and I worked together overnight. We had a regular sex ritual on the district manager’s desk. It was fun. Went on for about a year. Never spoke of it until today.”

Bathroom Sex – Malfunction

Bathroom Malfunction during sex

Sometimes these work perks might not work out how you hope. At least, that’s what happened for Samantha. “I worked at a gas station as a teenager… my bf and I at the time had sex in the bathroom on the sink and broke it.”

Bucket-List Bang

Bucket-List Bang

“Years ago, I worked at an adult boutique and totally had sex in the back parking lot while I was bent over the tailgate of my truck. It was done so I could check it off my bucket list, so was a super quickie, but I remember it being quite a thrill.”-Kathryn

Risky Business

Risky Business Sex

What is more exciting than the potential of getting caught? That’s half the fun! “I snuck in the back of a house my ex was working on and got it on in a bathroom…his supervisor was upstairs  the whole time.” tells Krista.  “I’m a dumbass who had sex in the parking lot of a place I worked years ago and got fired for it.” – Poor Steph.

Jack of(f) all Trades

sex in library

This next one comes from Brittany who seems to be a seasoned pro. “I’ve had sex at every place I’ve worked. I don’t regret any of them. I worked at a library… that was the most memorable one. He was so handsome. He was a summer fling; I later found out he was the boss’s grandson. I’ve worked at a pizza joint — those ones were probably against health code. My favorite time was while I was a hair stylist. My boss always left early, and I was super single, I had a lot of fun with a few favorite clients. I also worked at a bar. Maybe I do regret one of them… Oh jeez… is YOLO still a thing? Cause yolo.” Hey Brittany we’re always hiring!

How about you, have you gotten hot and heavy at work? We’d love to hear all about it below.

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