Women in Suits with Naked Men Props Goes Viral

men nude woman in suites

The start of fall typically means more layers of clothing, but for the models at Suistudio, at least the male models, that isn’t the case this year. Suistudio is a company that makes suits for women, and to really drive that fact home their new campaigns tagline is simply “Not Dressing Men.” The Campaigns photographs have started going viral and we can see why! Suistudios new campaign is full of sexy naked men, as props.

Gender Swapped Photography

Gender Swapped Photography

Usually in suit ad’s you find women used as background imagery, showing men in power suits with beautiful women to add a bit of sexual allure to the images. However, in this case, these chiseled men are the props. Unfortunately, all the best parts are artistically covered, so they are totally suitable for work. On the upside, you can browse the eye candy on your morning commute with no questions asked.


naked men suited women

The inclusion of these naked men not only bring extra attention to the advertisements but to the clothing line as well. The ad’s feature bold beautiful women in a position of power, which if you’re a woman shopping for $700 suits you are obviously a force to be reckoned with.


Nude men woman in suit

The true genius of this campaign isn’t bringing focus to gender roles of the models, but hitting the target audience and then some. Because come on, even if you’re not suit shopping- What lady wouldn’t love to have a house decorated with blankets throw cushions and sexy naked men?

Okay enough talking about the campaign, we know you’re really here to take a look at the goods!

nude men suited woman

Suistudio will open their first US store in New York City at the end of October.

naked man suited woman

We can’t wait to see what they have planned to follow the controversial #NotDressingMen campaign! You can check them out for yourself at their Website: www.suistudio.com or their Instagram: @SUISTUDIO.


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  1. This is interesting, I see women in suits and think it really looks kinda cool. But seeing a naked man really brings out the suit and the strength of a woman. The suit makes me wonder about the woman and her personality and if she is dominate or not.

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