Witch Sex: What The Hell?

witch sex

We’ve all heard of traditional sex and the Kama Sutra, but have you heard of witch sex? With Spring and the equinox just around the corner you may start hearing more references to witch sex, or sex magic. We don’t mean sex while watching Harry Potter, or banging on a broom flying across the moon. So, put down your toys pick up a wand and we will tell you all about this sex magic.

Sex Magick

Sex magic, or sex magick as it is sometimes spelled to emphasize the part of Aleister Crowley in the shaping of its modern-day practices, encompasses any type of sexual activity used in magical, spiritual, ritualistic or even religious pursuits. In sex magic you are not actually literally casting spells. You are instead manifesting part of yourself that you may have never experienced before. Sex magick is a spiritual practice that is meant to introduce a new approach to sexual experiences.

Why have witch sex?

“You can take this basic idea to unbelievable places, where the singular moment of orgasm can be used to shake the foundations of existence and shape your destiny to your pleasing.” Said famous American author and occultist Donald Michael Kraig. As with most other magical workings you should set your intentions clearly beforehand. When you manifest this magic, you essentially bring yourself closer to your perfect sexual counterpart.

Transcending Sex

Another witch and writer, Sarah Anne Lawless, explores the power of sex magic and everything that people can benefit from implementing into their lives. She claims that sex magic will elevate your sex life to a plain that you are as of now unfamiliar with, but also really missing out on.

Are you okay with just bumping uglies, or will you be trying this deeper more spiritually focused sex? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Reading the above was interesting I think I would like to upgrade my sex adventures with something a bit more spiritual in the future. After all the only way is up and I just checked her out and now I am subscribing to her as well!!

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