What Women Want In Bed

what women want in bed

Ladies love sex. They really do. But just because they love it doesn’t mean they love the same things you do. Here are a few of the things women really want in bed.

To Make Out

Ladies Want To Make Out

Kissing may not be a top priority for you when getting busy, but women love it. Just make sure you’re not a sloppy kisser since that’s an even bigger turn off than not kissing at all. You need to find that perfect balance no tongue at all feels like junior high, but too much tongue feels like choking on an oyster. Remember to close your eyes too. Kissing isn’t a staring contest no matter how pretty she is.


ladies want Nibbles

Sucking and nibbling on almost any of her erogenous zones will have her moaning and ready to wrap her legs around you in no time. This doesn’t mean she wants to be covered in hickeys. Tease her senses, don’t torture her skin.

Undress her

Undress her

There is no middle ground here. Undressing her can be extremely sensual, but you need to either do it slowly or dive right in there and rip it all off. If you go for slow make sure you’re devouring her with your eyes while you go, if you’re going to go for hungrily ripping them off she needs to feel like you need her right then and the clothes are nothing more than an obstacle you are desperately trying to remove.


Ladies want Foreplay

There is no such thing as to much foreplay. Women love attention, all kinds of attention, but lavishing attention all over her body will have those pretty panties dropping in no time.

Attention to the Clit

Attention to the Clit

If there is only one thing you take from this article let this be it. Some women can’t have vaginal orgasms, no matter how much skill you’ve got with your rod. So being a clitoral expert will have her begging for more.

Basically, make her feel like a sex goddess who can only be worshiped in the most carnal of ways and she will be happy to return the favor.


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