What Women Really Don’t Care About

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When it comes to sex, we all know there are some major do’s and don’ts. It’s a common misconception that women are extremely picky in bed, so much so that men feel like they need a play book just to get it right. Well I’m here to tell you boys, relax, stop over thinking it, and just give this list a quick look. You’ll realize there are far less things that you need to worry about when it comes to women and sex. Here are just a few things that you think are a big deal, but they’re really what women really don’t care about.

Roughing It Up

roughThere is a time and place to be sweet and romantic, and a time and place to get rough. It’s true that not all women are fans of being rough, but the key is to make sure you communicate. Ask what she likes, and be perceptive to how she reacts when you start to spice things up.

Chest Hair

hairGranted, with all the “pretty boys” out there right now in movies and music, it’s easy to let their smooth, shaved, and boyish bodies fool you into thinking that’s what women want. The reality of it is, many women like the masculine look of a hairy chest, and even if it’s not their main preference, typically they don’t mind it.

Pulling Her Hair

hairpullThe key here is ask first and then start gently; don’t just grip it and rip it if you’re unsure how she likes that kind of thing. Make sure you never do it in a way that hurts her, and hold her hair closer to her scalp; pulling at the ends could make the sensation a little too intense.

More Cushion For The Pushin’

chunkyTake my word for it, the majority of women out there are far too wrapped up in feeling insecure about their own bodies to be focusing on judging your’s. So don’t stress it if you’ve missed the last few sessions at the gym, just use your body confidently and she’ll respond to that.

A Dirty Mind

fantasyDon’t lie, it’s no secret that all you boys have a few fantasies stored in the back of your minds that you may feel are a tad too dirty to bring up. Don’t be scared, worst case scenario is you tell her about it and she says she’s not into it. Best case, she gives it a go and you may even find out she likes it as much as you do. Don’t forget, girls have their own  fantasies too!  If you share your’s and she may open up and share her’s.

Taking Charge

bossyNot every woman is down to be bossed around in the bedroom, but if it’s something you’re into, give it a try and see how she feels. Just be careful when you decide to try it out, it’s not always an appropriate time. And as always, leave the door open for communication before, during, and after!

Being Too Tired

tiredHaving to say you’re too tired for sex tonight may give you a touch of anxiety, but trust me, giving her a night off may be just what she needs too. Call it a night, rest up, and maybe take a crack at it in the morning!

There it is boys! I hope it put your minds at ease. Bottom line, if you’re unsure of something, give it a try and just be open to her response. Never know what she might think, just don’t over think it yourself. Odds are, no matter what it is, she’ll be flattered you tried, even if it’s something as simple as a crappy shot at dirty talk.

11 thoughts on “What Women Really Don’t Care About”

  1. Oh man… if the guys only knew how a few well placed conversations could get them almost anywhere they want to go… well, with me at least!!!

  2. Great article ! Guys are so much more insecure than they show. I think the chest hair thing is really a worry for them . about time they worry about looks too (just kidding). It is what it is guys, just enjoy.

  3. This is an awesome blog. Communication is key no matter what you’re doing. I have had my ex tell me he was too sleepy to break me off some of his action but then in the morning it’s like he felt obligated to take care of me. That is so true about the sleepy thing.

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