What is Ball Stretching? Should you try it?


Do your balls hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Do you want them to?

Do you enjoy the sensual sexual and slightly sadistic satisfaction that can come from your partner’s hand wrapped around your jewels and tugging?

If so- Ball Stretching may be something you have to try.

So what is it? The technical mumbo-jumbo behind the term ball stretching refers to the use of hands or a device with a goal to increase the length of the scrotum so the testicles hang lower permanently.

If you have a set of brass balls, read on to find out more about why you should and how to stretch your scrotum.

Tugging on Your Testicles

Tugging on Your Testicles

This terrific tug is one of the most satisfying sensations you’ll ever experience! Merely wearing a stretcher imitates that tremendous tightening sensation felt just prior to climax.

Don’t worry you won’t hear any complaints from your partner either, they will love the feeling of a ball weight and eventually your stretched out sack banging against them during sex. Not only does it feel great, but stretching your scrotum will help your package look great too. You won’t even have to be hard to have a great looking bulge once your package has some low hanging rocks.

Still not convinced?

What if we told you that when the boys are swinging low your stamina will be improved and your orgasm experience will be drastically more powerful? Wearing a stretcher enhances every tantalizing touch, lick, and tickle for the ultimate in sensual satisfaction since the tightly stretched skin is extremely sensitive.

How to stretch your balls

How to stretch your balls

How you stretch your balls depends on if you’re in it for the ascetics or the experience. Ball stretchers come in many different sizes and materials, it is important to choose the one that is right for you. You should consider if you want to be able to wear one around all day under your clothes, or if you just want that hung low feeling of your balls slapping against your partner during sex when picking which one is for you.

After you have made your selection start off your stretching with a shower. While the hot water has everything nice and relaxed grab your scrotum on both sides and pull the skin down and out, hold this stretch for around 45 seconds. Then make the OK hand gesture loop it around your ball sack, pull downward as you hold your penis upward. You want to pull with enough tension that the skin between being stretched starts to feel warm and slightly stingy. Hold this pose for anywhere between several seconds to a few minutes.

If you’re still comfortable to continue, try gently slipping on a soft and stretchy silicone ball stretcher. Once your ball stretcher is on, sit and admire the view. Allow your balls to become accustomed to the new sensation. Gently play with your balls or just kick back and enjoy the stretch for 15 minutes.

guy that ball stretches

Some men eventually work their way up to wearing a ball stretcher 24/7, until their desired ball swing level is achieved. Only you know your body, so start off small and work your way up. This goes for both additional weights and time. With patience and determination, your ball sack will be knocking your knees in no time.


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  1. This is interesting and a turn on to read as well now I have the urge to massage a guys balls right now with a bit of stretching as well for his balls and my tongue.

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