Things to do this Weekend if you’re Feeling Frisky

Couple With Sex Toys

The weather isn’t great for going out, and unless the painfully bad Red Sparrow or Death Wish are your ideas of foreplay, there’s nothing great in movie theaters either.

So you’re looking for some ideas to add some spice to your weekend? Look no further than your sexual partner and here are a few ideas to satisfy those innermost desires.

Shopping Spree

Sexual Shopping Spree

Don’t worry, we don’t mean braving the mall on a rainy weekend and battling your way through mobs of people trying to spend those tax returns.

We mean an online shopping spree for sex toys, together.

You can find everything from roleplaying outfits to restraints online. This is a great way to open up the lines of communication about new things you both may want to try, and it also gets both your minds thinking of all the dirty things you want to do to each other.

Movie time

Sexy Movie time

While you’ve got the computer or laptop out, look up some porn together.

This is a perfect time to give mutual masturbation a try.

If you’re not quite ready to try that out then you could always pick a favorite kink together and reenact it yourselves.


Sexy Housework

Weekends are a great time to catch up on the chores. So do them in your underwear, then hop up on the washer for a round or two as a reward. Kitchen counters are also great for new positions just make sure to clean them off first.

Read a Book

Read a Book in Bed

Pick an erotic short story collection and take turns reading it to each other. The person being read to will have their hands free to do some teasing to the narrator. If you manage to make it through the first story then switch roles.

weekend sex tips

So no matter how rainy it gets outside, don’t fret that it’ll put a damper on your weekend plans. Just pick one or more of these ideas and it’ll be sure to get just as wet inside as it is outside. If you find yourself lacking a partner to entertain yourself with try giving one of the girls at a call, they are full of great ideas to help you occupy your time.


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  1. I do think that all of the above are great to do on a weekend and to do from time to time. One of my favorite things I like to do is explore a new fetish with the person I am with. Explore can be so much fun especially in different positions.

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