Does a Vegan diet mean Better Sex?

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For many people, the decision to begin a vegan diet is for ethical reasons involving animal rights, environmental factors, or for better health.

All solid reasons.

But what if we told you that 90% of vegans report having a better sex life after switching over to a plant-based diet? Would you be more inclined to try it?

Read on to hear how a vegan’s culinary cuisine impacts their carnal conquests.

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So is it true?

Does being a vegan have an impact on your sex drive?

It’s actually 100% True!

Here are a few quick facts about how going vegan impacts a person’s sex drive!

Vegan Diet Effect on Libido

vegan foods good for sex

We all know that foods can have a direct effect on our libido, and the good news is that the best ones are common everyday vegan foodstuffs that you’d likely enjoy eating all the time!

More and more people are taking whole foods to heart these days.

So what exactly is a whole food?

In this case, we’re not talking about the grocery store chain, although you sure can find plenty of whole foods at a Whole Foods market.

The general reference to a whole food indicates a food that is free of additives and has gone through the least amount of machine processing and is refined as little as possible. IE whole foods are foods that are kept as close to their natural form as possible.

So what are some vegan foods that improve libido?

banana great for sex

Almonds, chickpeas, bananas, basil, figs, celery, asparagus, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts are all fantastic sources of zinc and vitamin B.

It’s important to note that zinc deficiency is not uncommon amongst vegetarians/vegans as well as the general meat-eating population in the US and other Western cultures.

Zinc deficiencies have been connected to decreased testosterone levels and diminished sex drive. Many vitamin and mineral dificiencies can affect libido and the few mentioned here are certainly not the only vitamins one should keep up with.

Vegans often supplement complex B, D, and Omega sources.  And while vegans may be at added risk of B12 deficiency due to the absence of meat in the diet, these same vitamin deficiencies are also found in the general meat-eating populations and daily supplementation at recommended doses is healthy for just about everyone.

More Awesome Vegan Foods that Promote Great Sex:

watermelon is a good for sex food

Other vegan foods that improve sex drive include spinach, ginger, dark chocolate (very dark chocolate is dairy free & many vegans enjoy chocolate), green tea, peppers, potatoes, coffee, pomegranates, and watermelons all have proven sex-enhancing nutrients.

Women who subscribe to a vegan diet can notice changes to their menstrual cycle.  A great article on the topic can be found at Medium.

Chemical Changes of Going Vegan

chemical changes of going vegan

Research conducted by OKCupid surveyed 256,370 users, vegetarians were noticeably more into giving oral sex than non-vegetarians.

This may be because semen is made up of various components including nutrients like vitamin C and zinc.

The foods that men eat do affect the taste of their semen.

Because vegetarians tend to eat more fresh fruits, their semen is sweeter.

The chlorophyll in foods like celery and parsley also can make semen sweeter.

By contrast, red meat is known to make semen taste salty.

A word of warning to vegetarian men though: some veggies in the cabbage family are high in sulfur and over-doing it sulfur-high foods can make semen taste tangy.

So are vegans really better in bed?

That’s still up for debate! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

PS – If you’re interested in an in-depth look at the many health benefits of a vegan diet be sure to check out Forks Over Knives with interviews from of the world’s most renowned nutritionists, heart & cancer doctors.

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  1. I always thought about being a Vegan but new I would not get the proteins I needed but after reading this I may just try. After all I do like sucking from time to time.

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