Valentine’s Day Sex Tips

Happy Valentine’s day! Whether you forgot and it’s to late to shop for the perfect gift, or you’re just looking to celebrate outside that Hallmark way of thinking, there are plenty of edgy, fun, and still romantic ways to have a sexy, and exciting, V-Day.

To help you have an unforgettable valentine’s day we’ve compiled some suggestions for you!


It’s 2019, and finally, people are realizing that it’s fun to play with your butt. No matter your gender, exploring around back there with a finger, a tongue, or a toy is just another way to up the pleasure factor with your partner. For extra flavor grab a pair of novelty edible panties to treat any sweet tooth.

Wax on Wax off

Pick up some massage candles that are made of soy wax. With their melt temperature lower than conventional wax candles, they’ll keep a strong glow going in even the darkest of bedrooms. Plus, the longer lasting flame gives you chance to use that candle wax for a much sexier purpose. You can use the wax from soy candles to do that whole sexy drip wax on your partner move and the essential oils in the candles double as warmed massage oil, some brands are even edible!


When all else fails. Women love coupons! A quick google or Pinterest search will supply you with plenty of different options, from date nights to massages, to help around the house. If you think shed like it make a coupon for it! Plus all those brownie points you’ll get for doing something so “time consuming” and handmade don’t have an expiration date.

Whether you’ve decided to embrace the day with a new toy, game, sex position, or other gift that can be used in the bedroom, it’s all about sharing the love and staying naughty! We hope you have a great day!

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