Valentines around the World

Social media feeds are filling with flowers, chocolates, and cheesy love poems…but it’s Saturday so that means you wont find any of that mushy gushy stuff here. Instead in this weeks edition of Strange Sex Saturday we are taking a look at all the wonderfully weird valentines day traditions found around the world.

Denmark – Easter for Valentines

In Denmark women receive an anonymous poem or card. The card is signed with only the number of dots that represent the letters of their partners name. If the girl is able to guess the suitor, she will be gifted with a chocolate Easter egg. If not it is she who is to buy the egg for her admirer in the form of an apology!

Germany – Lusty Pigs

Nothing says I love you quite like chocolates, but Germany kicks chocolates up a notch and uses chocolate pigs instead. You read that right, Germany’s tradition is to gift lovers with pictures, statues or chocolate models of pigs, which are said to bring good fortune and lust.

Thailand – Abstinence for Karma

Many people associate this celebration of love with sex, but Bangkok city officials encourage couples to skip getting horizontal and pay a visit to temple and free birds and fish instead! They believe freeing caged birds will improve their karma. They also believe this is the best day to apply for and display their marriage licences. Hanging off the sides of cliffs, sky-diving and underwater wedding packages have become trending ways to tie the knot among adventure-loving Thai couples.

Wales – Spooning

People in Wales pay homage to the Welsh patron saint of lovers, who goes by the name Saint Dwynwen, not Saint Valentine. To mark this special date, couples gift each other with picture perfect, wooden carved spoons. These are handed out in January, prior to the madness that is associated with February 14th. The tradition has grown dramatically, and these hand-carved gifts are now becoming popular wedding, birthday and anniversary presents.

Have we helped you find a new fun way to show your love? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Very cool learning Valentines Day around the world. It totally gives me ideas for making a really good special day with the one I am seeing right now.

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