Tips to Squeeze in Time for a Quickie

Between working, commuting, keeping up with the bills and ball games you may find your schedule doesn’t leave much time for TLC. However being crazy busy doesn’t mean you can’t still get busy. Here are some ways to do it, while you’re doing other things.

Shower and shag

Start your day off right with some steamy shower sex. Start off with a soapy massage then push your girl against the shower wall and go to town from behind; you can both get clean while getting dirty.

Get it on while getting dinner on

Go ahead and get dinner started then hop up on the counter, or table for a quick romp. As an added bonus take advantage of all those kitchen gadgets to step your kink up a notch. A spatula will make a great paddle. Just make sure to rinse it off before you flip the burgers.

Commercial break

Skip a commercial snack run for a sack run instead. Don’t worry about missing the big game just have her straddle your lap in seated reverse cowgirl. If she’s too tall to see over then have her lean forward over the coffee table, either way you can both see the screen during your sex session.

Bend over while paying bills

Let her crawl under your desk for a little oral while you write your checks, then pull her out and bend her over it so you can stuff her while you stuff those envelopes. Or just set up automatic bill pay through your bank and dedicate the time you’ve saved to a hard core pound town session.

Engaging Emails

Does your work follow you home? Enjoy catching up on those emails over the weekend with a hand job while your hands are busy. Make a game of it and see if you can get all caught up before you finish. Just remember to keep your hands on the keyboard at all times and let her fingers do the work.

So don’t fret if your day to day seems too hectic to get your freak on, a little multitasking and creativity can make for some of the most interesting and imaginative sex sessions of your life.


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