Restart Your Sex Life with New Year

Improve your sex life

With every New Year comes new opportunities. If you have developed some bad sexual habits with your partner this is the perfect time to hit the restart button. If you aren’t sure how to go about making those changes, or what things you should focus on changings her are some tips to help you get your fresh start in the bedroom.

Pinpoint the problem


First things first. Before you can begin to fix anything, you need to figure out exactly what’s wrong. Perhaps when you first got together, sex didn’t feel good. Maybe you were unsure how to make it feel better so you let it continue as is. Or maybe you tried some things that you weren’t comfortable with, and now they have become a regular part of your sexual encounters. Maybe you were trying to boost his confidence and started faking it, as a result he continues to do what he thinks got you off then. All of these very common problems are fixable!

New Year – New Start

New Sex Start

Try to get past how talking about sex makes you feel. It is necessary and will  get easier with time. It will also help significantly when it comes to fixing problems. Remember “t’s not what you say it’s how you say it,” has never been truer than when it comes to opening this type of dialogue. Choose your words wisely so that you convey that you want to enjoy sex together more. Rather than conveying how unsatisfying it has been. For example, instead of, “You get off so fast, I always have to fake it, or do it myself.” Try “I love being intimate with you, but sometimes it feels rushed. I’d really like to take our time and see how great a longer night with you will be.”

Resolve to Keep Communication Open

Resolve to Keep Communication Open

Chances are if you are unhappy with an aspect of your sex life, your partner may be also. Ask how they feel about it. Ask if there is anything your partner would like to change. Be honest with each other. Agree to compromises if something doesn’t feel great to you but is great for your partner, offer to continue to do it only less, and offer up something else that feels great for you so you achieve a better balance.

Embark on a Year of Better Sex

Embark on a Year of Better Sex

Put the things you and your partner talk about into practice. Try the changes. Take time really getting to know each other’s bodies. Pay attention to how their bodies react to different types of stimulation. Skip the shortcuts. There is nothing wrong with a quickly now and then. However just as with anything else the more time you dedicate to learning more about what you like and what your partner likes the better things will become.

We wish you a happy, healthy, and sexy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Restart Your Sex Life with New Year”

  1. I am totally planing to restart my sex life by enhancing some of my favorites. Such as the traditional doggie style to make it a bit better and fun suggest my partner turn it into the wheel barrel position which is not much talked about. The position just calls for me in doggie at first and then my partner takes my legs and helps me wrap them around his waste or lower half before the deep thrusting occurs. I also plan to further my communication by investing in Karma Sutra coloring books. Yes I can feel this is going to be a spicy year.

  2. Oh yeah! I love this subject. I know my lover likes it when I take over and it’s a challenge because I tend to get aggressive and believe it or not I am shy at times. SO… I picked up a blindfold and am taking a class about tease and denial. What a sexy playful way to jump start the year. (also they get to cash in on all the XXX rated sex coupons I made!)

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