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When you’re limited to 500 characters a picture is worth more than 1000. That doesn’t mean you should disregard those few words you do get. If you want to get a chance to actually meet the women you’re trying to impress, your bio is crucial in catching her attention. Here are some tips for making your tinder successful.

Over the Top

over the top tinder

These profiles read like a highlight real, and are best used to catch the attention of girl in their 20’s. They exude confidence, are bold and memorable, and are even a bit cocky. If you are slightly less confident in the looks department, this profile type is for you.  Show off your best assets, and don’t be afraid to brag. Try opening with some exaggerated over the top humor, women find funny guys irresistible.

Short and SweetShort and Sweet tinder

Figure this type of account like a teaser, or a really good movie preview. You don’t give away all the goods, but say just enough to make them want to know more. This type works best when you combine it with really interesting and attractive photos. If you know you’re good looking, don’t ruin the moment with an over the top profile that comes off self centered.


Down-To-Earth tinder

If you are looking for Ms. Right, and not just Ms. Tonight, you’re going to want to be more real and grounded. This profile should only be used when you’re ready for something more serious.  Remember to stay relaxed and laid back, but be compelling and sincere. If you’re looking for your next girlfriend, you can bet she’s scanning profiles for the total package. Appeal to her with how genuine you are.

Adventure Story

Adventure Story

We all want a little action, adventure, and romance in our lives. Take a tip form those “romance novels” women read so much and tease her with a tantalizing tale. A vivid story will evoke emotions of excitement an make her want to be a part of your grand adventure. Intrigue he, spark her curiosity by alluding that this tryst will be one to tell all her friends about. Just make sure you have the pictures to back it up, or she’ll be calling #fullofshit on your profile.

Now that you have the tools to create the type of profile you want, Get Started today!

Here’s a comprehensive article on 3 Ways To Set up a Tinder Profile.  You’ll get the following information in this article:

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Good Luck!

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  1. These tinder tips are pretty cool and if I had to choose one I so would go for someone with a passion for adventure and who likes to express it as well in and out of the bedroom.

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