Thanksgiving Sexting

thanksgiving sexting

The holiday season is upon us! We’re only a few days away from the first of many occasions that may have you traveling to family and leaving your partner behind. That doesn’t mean you have to spend the time without any sexual stimulation. This week we have some sexy things to sext your partner this Thanksgiving, from steamy to sweet to silly either way we’re sure these will help perk up your holiday.


Food can be sexy, unfortunately, the home-style food that normally gets served for Thanksgiving can leave you wanting. There are still some super sexy things you can say to spice things up this Thursday when you’re stuffing your face but would really be having some peaches and cream pie instead. Here are a few simply suggestive sexts you could send as an appetizer.

I hope that turkeys, not the only thing about to get stuffed…

Want to candy my yams?

Would you butter my biscuit?

You know what else would taste better with a honey glaze…

This warm apple pie’s got nothing on you babe.

I could really use a hand with my wishbone.

You should save some of that whipped cream for later.

After dinner, you want to eat some of what my mom made? …Me


sexting pictures

Everyone loves taking pictures of their favorite dishes. Don’t worry if you find yourself surrounded by family, just sneak off to the bathroom for a sexy selfie. You may even find it more fun and scandalous to be sexting when you should be spending time listening to your drunk aunt ranting. Just remember to keep your photos teasing, sending overly X-rated texts can kill a sext session quick.

Happy Thanksgiving, we hope these sext ideas help you get your turkey stuffed! We will see you next week for more tips and tricks to help you master sexting.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Sexting”

  1. I love the holidays and get really turned on by the foods that I only really eat once a year. And I love taking pictures of the food I think it is totally food candy for the eyes. I also love making reference to guys how I so want them to stuff me in various different positions as well. Right now I am dying to get stuffed literally.

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