Textual turn on’s. Tips to turn her on with texts.

text turn ons

Just because you aren’t in the same room with your partner doesn’t mean you can’t still get them all hot and bothered. It is possible to get them horny over texts. Even if you are new to sexting and want to start of a little slower. Here are a few suggestions for things to ask that will absolutely get their mind in the gutter. Possibly even get their hand down their pants.

First you should always start off a sexting conversation by making sure the timing is right for them. A simple “what are you up to.” Or asking “what are you doing right now” are  perfect ways to make sure they aren’t preoccupied.

Second if you aren’t looking to actually sext keep it light and flirty. Consider how your partner would react in person and apply that to the texts. Even if your end goal is to sext you are more likely to get a positive response if you keep the start of the conversations more flirty than sexual.

Ask questions! Getting to know someone is extremely important in a sexual relationship. Turn your desire for a sexting session into a perfect opportunity to find out what really turns them on. While actually turning them on at the same time. Just make sure the questions flow with normal conversation and aren’t just abrupt. Skip the usual what would you want me to do to you, and try these instead. These questions are sure to turn them on while letting you know exactly what they like best.


Do you sleep naked? Akin to “what are you wearing,” this will set the tone visually for you. Even if the answer is no how sexy is picturing your partner in a tank top and underwear!

What’s your favorite position? Keep this answer in mind for your next in person session, as well as if you progress your texting into sexting. They are giving you the keys to what really gets them going. Use the information to your advantage  to really blow their mind!

Would you rather give, or get oral sex? Some people really don’t like to give oral, and some really don’t like to receive it. Not only is this an important question to know the answer too, but it will also get them thinking about oral sex. Oral sex they enjoy to be specific,  so their mind will be exactly where you want it.

Do you watch porn? If your partner does, follow up with what type? You can also ask them to describe their favorite scene. As well as keep it in mind for future encounters, what happens in that scene, it’s possible they may want to act it out in person.

Questions like these, or any others you want to know, are sure to get both of your minds heading in the right direction. If you like where the conversation is heading with a question let it progress naturally from there, you can always intensify or lighten the conversation with a new question. For example, “what do you think about when you masturbate?” is sure to take things even farther. However to back things off a bit you could just ask if they like it rough or gentle, or if they use toys.

What’s the best way to turn you on when you’re sexting! We’d love to know, leave us a comment, or tag us in your own post to let us know!

2 thoughts on “Textual turn on’s. Tips to turn her on with texts.”

  1. I really like these questions communication is very important to get both parties hot and really turned on. A favorite question that I like to ask a lot is "How do you like having your cock stroked" Only because everyone is different and once I get the answer I like to throw in the comment of how my mouth can do a good job of that. Or how I like switching back between hand and mouth.

  2. So many of these could go wrong in the right way! I love it. It only works if you know that the other person is truly interested in sexting… and man these are the best ways to go about it!!!

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