Cheerleaders of Super Bowl Sunday LII Eagles vs Patriots


Today’s Super Bowl is striking up a lot of conversations. The rematch of the 2005 Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots is predicted to have a very similar outcome. With all the talk of the new players, and different coaching staff, and ref.’s in pockets, one very important aspect of this showdown is being overlooked. The cheerleaders. These beautiful talented women strive to be in the NFL final showdown each year. These girls have become quite a team of their own, with each squad having around 20,000 followers on Twitter alone. So here is some of what you can look forward to from these motivated, enthusiastic beauties.


Eagles cheerleaders

For the third Super Bowl in the team’s history, the Philadelphia Eagles’ cheerleaders will be rallying for Nick Foles and the rest of the team wearing uniforms created by New York designer Vera Wang. Here is just a small sample of what you can look forward to tonight from these girls in green.

Eagles Cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders

If you want more than this little taste of the Philly Cheerleaders check out all you could ever want on twitter. Just type in #eaglescheer.


patriots cheerleaders

The New England Patriots Cheerleaders are becoming seasoned pro’s when it comes to performing in Super Bowls. Despite the team being 5 times Champions the girls are extremely excited according to Captain Kayla Brunson. The New England Squad has learned between 19 and 25 new dances to perform today to keep things exciting. Here is some of what the Pats Nation Girls have in store for tonight’s big game.

New England Patriots cheerleaders

cheering cheerleaders

There’s even more where this came from, follow @PatsCheer on twitter to get your patriots cheer fix.

No matter which team you’re cheering, for one thing, is for sure- Football wouldn’t be the same without these beautiful women.


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  1. When it comes to looking at these cheerleaders all I can think about is the song (I kissed a girl and I liked it) They all are beautiful both sides.

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